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Chalkboard foil, black
Whiteboard foil, white
Magnetic whiteboard foil, white
Magnetic iron foil, black
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Properties of this film
Glass, Wall, Plastic, Wood
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Decorative foil with motif to write on

Embellish your home with this appealing design. Depending on the foil type, the foil is writable and/or magnetic.

  • Size can be infinitely varied
  • easy to rewrite
  • Dirt-repellent and easy to clean
  • easy to clean with standard cleaning agents
  • no shrinkage, no wrinkles
  • 4 film types to choose from

Choose your film type

All films are self-adhesive and can be easily applied to almost all smooth surfaces and removed again if desired.

  • chalkboard foil Chalkboard film

    This self-adhesive black chalkboard film is ideal for daily changing chalkboard inscriptions. Restaurants and bars appreciate this for their daily menus, for example.Of course, this film will also quickly find many friends in the children's room at home. It is always possible to wipe the blackboard film with a damp cloth and then rewrite it.

  • Whiteboard foil, white Whiteboard film, white

    With this whiteboard film, you can turn any smooth surface into a whiteboard that can be written on with dry-erase markers in no time at all. The inscription can be wiped dry with any felt-tip pen even after several months. This wipeability is achieved by a high-gloss white lacquer coating on the PVC surface.

  • Whiteboard film, white, magnetically adhesive Magnetic whiteboard film, white

    This film is like the white whiteboard film

    described above with the extra feature that magnets also adhere to it. Our magnets included in the accessories can hold approx. 8 pages of DIN A4 paper with one magnet.
  • magnet-adhering iron foil Magnetic iron foil, black

    This self-adhesive iron foil is perfect for attaching notes or thin objects to it with the help of magnets. Thanks to the self-adhesive back, it turns any smooth surface into a magnetic surface.

Technical data and information at a glance...

Chalkboard foil, black

Manufacturer's guarantee

The manufacturer grants a guarantee of 2 years on this chalkboard film when mounted vertically outdoors. Indoors, the durability is significantly higher.

The bonded film can be written on with commercially available chalk. Liquid chalk pens containing solvents are not suitable, as they can leave behind "ghost writing".

Due to the risk of glass breakage, this board film should not be applied to windows or glass doors that are exposed to the sun.

Technical data
Material PVC
Film thickness approx. 160 µm
Adhesive Polyacrylate adhesive
Adhesive strength (ASTMD-903) approx. 12.5 N/25 mm
Dimensional stability slight shrinkage
Temperature range -30° C to + 80° C

Whiteboard film, white

Manufacturer's guarantee

The manufacturer grants a durability guarantee of 5 years on this whiteboard film for indoor use.

Technical data
Material Polymer PVC film
Film thickness approx. 100 µm
Adhesive Solvent-based acrylic adhesive
Adhesive strength 18 N/25 mm
Dimensional stability < 0,8
Temperature range +5° C to + 40° C

Magnetic whiteboard foil, white

Manufacturer's guarantee

The manufacturer grants a 5-year durability guarantee on this magnetic whiteboard film when mounted vertically indoors. In an immersion test over 24 hours, a bonded film is resistant to most petroleum-based oils, greases, solvents, mild acids and alkalis.

Due to the risk of glass breakage, this magnetic iron film should not be applied to windows or glass doors that are exposed to the sun.

Technical data
Material Polyethylene-based ferrous film with PP laminate
Film thickness approx. 550 µm
Adhesive Polyacrylate adhesive
Adhesive strength 7-12 N/25 mm
Dimensional stability maximum -1.50
Temperature range -30° C to + 80° C

Magnetic iron foil, black

Manufacturer's guarantee

The manufacturer provides a 5 year durability guarantee on this magnetic iron film when mounted vertically indoors. When immersion tested for 24 hours, a bonded film is resistant to most petroleum-based oils, greases, solvents, mild acids and alkalis.

Due to the risk of glass breakage, this magnetic iron film should not be applied to windows or glass doors that are exposed to the sun.

Technical data
Material polyethylene-based ferrous film
Film thickness approx. 400 µm
Adhesive Polyacrylate adhesive
Adhesive strength 7-12 N/25 mm
Dimensional stability maximum -1.50
Temperature range -30° C to + 80° C

How to mount this film on the window...
Start assembly video
Installation video for window films. Click on the picture to start.

Assembly instructions for Decoration films (self-adhesive)

You will need the following items

Installation tips

  • Two people should carry out the installation!
  • Do not install any film at temperatures on the installation side below +6° C.
  1. Fill the spray bottle with 0.5 litres of water and add the transfer concentrate (30 ml) (enough for approx. 6 to 7 m² of glass surface).
  2. Thoroughly clean the glass with commercial or our glass cleaner!
    Remove all sticky particles (e.g. paint or fly dirt) preferably with the Glass scraper blade. No dirt residues should remain on the glass!
  3. The sandblasting foil consists of the mostly white backing paper and the actual sandblasting foil.
    Now place the sandblasting foil with the view side down on the glass pane or similar. You are now looking at the back of the film.
    Then carefully and slowly peel off the backing paper at as shallow an angle as possible until it is about halfway along the entire length of the film. Cut the backing paper and stick it back onto the sandblasting film with a gap of about 2 cm to the remaining backing paper.
  4. Now hold the in place while the 2nd person starting from the corner, and at the same time spray the adhesive side of the that is now exposed with the liquid.
    Afterwards, the glass pane (surface to be pasted) must be sprayed with the liquid. Do not be sparing with the liquid, the film and pane should be well wet.
  5. Place the on the glass, the film should slide back and forth well, otherwise spray the glass again.
  6. Now spray the other side of the as well, this will make it easier for you to work with the mounting squeegee.
  7. Now press the liquid out evenly with the mounting squeegee from the centre to the right and to the left. Make sure that there is no residual water left under the film! Repeat this procedure several times to remove even invisible water residues. When doing this, wrap the supplied squeegee with a paper towel to avoid any scratches.
  8. Carefully wipe the edges and the foil with a soft cloth. If necessary, press the edges again with the mounting squeegee.
  9. Now let the dry for three days without touching it.
  10. Wait two weeks before cleaning the film for the first time and never use hard objects (brush or blade) to clean it. Commercially available glass cleaners can be used.

FAQ`s about the installation

Can I carry out the film installation alone?

Films that are no larger than 1m² can be installed alone without any problems.
For larger pieces, it is recommended that two people carry out the installation. This makes it easier to handle the film and place it on the pane.

How can I avoid dust inclusions under the adhesive back side?

First, clean your windows really thoroughly with glass cleaner. Then go over the entire window pane again with our supplied Glass scraper blade to remove any hard-core impurities on the pane (such as fly droppings). These fine stains are often invisible to the naked eye and you will be amazed at what the blade still removes.

In addition, do not lay the after peeling off (covers the adhesive side for transport) on the floor to get it wet. Rather, pull a table nearby to spray the film on. On the floor you will always stir up very fine dust particles, which will then settle on the adhesive side facing upwards. These dust particles can later show up on the pane under the , which is something to avoid.

Can I apply the without transfer concentrate?

Alternatively, you should at least use a pH-neutral cleaner. We do not recommend installation without any additive at all, which increases the gliding properties of the water!

We strongly advise against the use of water diluted with detergent. This can lead to streaking due to a reaction with the film adhesive.

Does the film have to be applied perfectly to the glass at the first attempt?

No, this is not necessary as long as you have sprayed the adhesive side of the window film and your glass sufficiently wet. Due to the moisture, the adhesive has no adhesive effect, which makes it easy to move the film and position it precisely. It is even possible to remove the film from the glass again and reapply it.

After mounting, small bubbles formed the next day

The bubbles consist of residual liquid that was not pressed out from under the film when it was applied. Over time, these run down between the already drying film adhesive as far as they can under the film and collect in some places. The bubbles disappear by themselves when the remaining liquid diffuses through the film to the outside. Depending on the outside temperature and sunlight, this can take up to three or more weeks before the film fits like a second skin.

In any case, you should wait this time and do nothing. In most cases, the blisters disappear all by themselves!

How easy is it to remove the film?

The window film itself can be easily removed. To do this, detach one corner and fold it over directly. The film can then be removed from the glass at as flat an angle as possible.

It is possible that residues of the film adhesive remain in some places. These can be soaked with our adhesive remover or acetone and then removed again with a glass scraper or ceramic field scraper. You will find detailed instructions on how to remove window films on our homepage in the FAQ`s.
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