Surface compensation film

  • self-adhesive
  • Indoor assembly, Outdoor installation
Surface compensation film
Rectangle Linear metre
Available in the dimensions:
min. 5,0 x 5,0 cm
max. 118 x 1.000,0 cm
Width [cm]
Height [cm]
Cutting possible on request
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from €1.00

Price per m² from: €59.78 Price per m²: €53.80 Price per m²: €59.78 incl. VAT plus shipping costs. Item no. 753185

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This cleaner easily removes the adhesive that sometimes remains on the pane after removing a window film or sticker. 1. spray on adhesive residue 2. leave to act for five minutes 3. wipe off with a cloth - done!

Adhesive residue remover

Thanks to its plastic blade, this glass scraper is particularly suitable for sensitive surfaces such as wood or lacquer, which must not be scratched.

Glass scraper for sensitive surfaces

With this set, you can easily remove the film from sensitive surfaces. Simply remove the remaining adhesive after peeling off a film. Paint the adhesive residue with a brush and then remove it from the surface with the enclosed glass scraper.

Dismantling set for lacquers and sensitive surfaces

Delivery time approx. 1-4 days

CNC cutting accurate to the millimetre

free assembly tool

Properties of this film
Floor tiles, Wall, Glass, Wall tiles, Stone, Floor, Plastic, Wood, Windows
Temperature resistant
-40°C bis +70°C
Material thickness
ca. 1850 μm
Mounting side
Indoor assembly, Outdoor installation
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Create an ideal substrate for self-adhesive materials. Most self-adhesive materials do not...

Create an ideal substrate for self-adhesive materials.

Most self-adhesive materials do not adhere very well to rough surfaces. Our surface levelling film, on the other hand, does.

This film consists of a self-adhesive levelling foam(1.85 mm) with a silky matt, opaque surface. The surface forms a 400 µm thick substrate for applying other self-adhesive films. It is relatively hard and creates optimal conditions for bonding other materials.

The hard PVC surface with PE compensation foam on the reverse side adapts easily to rough substrates and compensates for their unevenness. Bonding to woodchip, slightly rough stone or facade, paint & wallpaper or even tiles is possible without any problems thanks to the strong adhesive. It ensures a secure and long-lasting hold on uneven surfaces.

The levelling foam saves the time-consuming sanding and substrate treatment with a primer. In addition, it is easy to transport rolled up compared to bulky boards that alternatively level the subfloor.

Application examples of the self-adhesive levelling sheet

For example, you can quickly transform your old tile backsplash into a smooth top surface, which in turn can be upgraded with a modern furniture film in wood or stone look.

Lettering or advertising slogans made of coloured film can beapplied to slightly rough surfaces without the need for a complicated substructure, just like whiteboard and blackboard films.The surface levelling film is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

Technical data
Material Rigid PVC laminated with PE foam
Film thickness approx. 1850 µm
Adhesive Polyacrylate adhesive
Adhesive properties Permanent, very strong adhesive
Substrate Slightly rough substrates

Processing instructions

Smoothing foam should generally be applied dry. The substrate must be free of dust, grease and oil and may only be bonded to slightly rough substrates. Before bonding, we recommend a self-test on the substrate. Due to the high initial adhesion, the levelling foam cannot be corrected and also adheres to low-energy surfaces.

Dismantling instructions

Thesurface compensation film cannot be removed immediately from only slightly rough or smooth surfaces without leaving residues. In this case, we recommend first removing the top of the film by hand. Then the foam can be removed with our glass scraper for sensitive surfaces. In the last step, the remaining adhesive is soaked several times with our adhesive residue remover. This can then also be removed without leaving any residue or damage.

Customer service

Film specialist, Dirk Bilstein - Application engineer

" I will be happy to give you expert advice on choosing the right film! "

Tile foil, white matt
Tile foil, white matt
€32.40 / m²
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Vielen dank
Alexander M. am 26. May 2023
Die Oberfläche ist weiß und undurchsichtig wenn sie auf eine Wand geklebt wird. Die Folie kann auch im Badezimmer eingesetzt werden, sollte aber nicht mit Spritzwasser in Berührung kommen.
Velken Service-Team on 29. May 2023
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Wir haben momentan keinen Spritzschutz in der Küche. Dieses würde ich gerne ändern. Habe allerdings einen uneben Untergrund - Rollputz. Haftet die Folie auch auf Rollputz?
Vanessa E. am 30. January 2024
Theoretisch wird die Folie aufgrund ihres starken Klebers darauf haften. Wir bitten Sie dies vorab an einer unauffälligen Stelle mit einem Muster zu testen um sicher zu gehen.
Velken Service-Team on 31. January 2024
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Wir würden sie gerne auf Glasscheiben kleben die etwas uneben sind. Kann man drüber dann milchglasfolie kleben? Oder ist die Folie undurchsichtig?
Martina m. am 29. February 2024
Diese Folie ist undurchsichtig. Man könnte die Milchglasfolie darauf anbringen jedoch wäre sie optisch nicht mehr zu unterscheiden weil kein Licht hindurch fällt.
Velken Service-Team on 01. March 2024
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