Dark wapa, Wood Self-Adhesive Furniture Film

  • Indoor assembly
  • self-adhesive
Dark wapa, Wood Self-Adhesive Furniture Film
Dark wapa, Wood Self-Adhesive Furniture Film
Dark wapa, Wood Self-Adhesive Furniture Film
Dark wapa, Wood Self-Adhesive Furniture Film
Geometry Linear metre Roll
Pentagon with slope
Rectangle with bevel
Rectangle with two slopes
symmetric trapezoid
right triangle
symmetrical triangle
Gable window
Rectangle with segmental arch
Rectangle with basket arch
Rectangle with semicircle
Quarter circle
Circle section
Oval / Ellipse
Available in the dimensions:
min. 5,0 x 5,0 cm
max. 119 x 5.000,0 cm
Width [cm]
Height [cm]
Cutting possible on request
Unfortunately, your desired size cannot be ordered via the online shop. However, we can still offer you the dimensions. Please ask our customer service at info@velken.shop.
from €1.00

Price per m² from: €31.25 Price per m²: €28.13 Price per m²: €21.09 incl. VAT plus shipping costs. Item no. 901115

Order accessories directly

With this assembly set, you have the most important tools for redesigning your furnishings with furniture foils together. You save almost 30 % compared to the individual components.

Installation set for furniture films

Delivery time approx. 5-7 Days

CNC cutting accurate to the millimetre

free assembly tool

Properties of this film
Mounting side
Indoor assembly
Wall, Floor, Wood
10 years (indoor installation)
Material thickness
approx. 250 µm, strong (> 150 µm)
dark brown
Temperature resistant
-20°C to +110°C
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Turn old into new and have fun doing it

Transform or renovate any clean, smooth, solid and non-porous surface (glass, metal, plastic, painted wood...) into a new look with a highly decorative result.

Natural and original surface designs make our furniture films an essential product for public buildings, hotels, restaurants, office buildings, banks, hospitals and much more. In addition, our furniture films are completely impervious to moisture and many are also classified as flame retardant. In short, a unique, innovative product that allows you unlimited creativity at a low cost.

Advantages of furniture foils

  • Cost effective: Save up to 50% compared to traditional renovation.
  • 3D deformable: simply pull the film over corners and edges
  • Durable: 10 year guarantee against delamination, cracking, yellowing and other changes in appearance.
  • Hygienic: Quick and easy to clean, prevents mould and staining.

Tested for safety

  • Tested A+ for VOC emissions (volatile organic compounds).
  • Fire resistance rating according to Euroclass B S2 D0 for use in public areas

Any waste is not included in the scope of delivery.

Important ordering information

The decor of this furniture film runs lengthwise, i.e. from top to bottom (vertically). When entering the dimensions, please ensure that the width and height are not reversed, as otherwise the decor will be rotated by 90°! Please compare the following sketch:

grain wood foil sketch

Available downloads
Technical data and information at a glance...

Manufacturer's guarantee

The manufacturer provides a 10-year warranty on this furniture film for interior installation. This warranty covers delamination, tears, yellowing and other changes in appearance. The durability of the furniture films for interior mounting is up to 15 years in Central Europe, depending on various factors.

The film has excellent abrasion resistance against acid (ethanol, salt), stains, dirt and mould, except xylene.

How to mount this film on the window...

Assembly instructions for furniture foils

1. Thoroughly clean the surface to be covered with a commercially available surface cleaner!
Remove all particles (e.g. paint or flyspeck). No dirt residues may remain on the surface! remain on the surface!
2. Remove the backing paper from the furniture film Peel off the backing paper from the back of the furniture foil, starting from one corner. from the furniture foil, starting from one corner.
3. Apply furniture foil Align the uncovered self-adhesive backing on the surface to be foiled and press on the first piece of film with the supplied squeegee. the first piece of film with the supplied squeegee until it is bubble-free. If you want to apply the film around the edges If you want to stick the film around the edges, make sure you leave enough material overhanging.
4. Squeegee on the furniture film Now carefully peel off the backing paper further under the film and at the same time press the furniture film further against the film. further against it. If air creases form, pull the film up again and press the film with the squeegee again. again with the squeegee.
5. Heat the furniture foil with a hair dryer The film can then be stretched by applying a certain amount of force, allowing it to be laid tightly and bubble-free, even around corners.
6. Pull furniture foil around edges To lay the film over an edge, heat the film to hand-warm with a hairdryer.
7. Remove air bubbles If you discover air bubbles after installation that cannot be removed by lifting the film, you can pierce them with a needle. you can prick them with a needle. Heat the puncture again with a hairdryer and push the air out of the hole. with a hair dryer and press the air out of the hole.
8. Cut off excess material Cut off excess material behind the hidden edge at a distance of approx. 1 - 1.5cm with a cutter knife. cutter knife.
Order a product sample...

We will be happy to send you a free sample of this and up to four other films without obligation.
The samples are approx. 9 x 9 cm in size and will be sent to you free of charge and without obligation by letter post.

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Dark wapa, Wood Self-Adhesive Furniture Film Dark wapa, Wood Self-Adhesive Furniture Film
Art.-Nr. 901115
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Dark wapa, Wood Self-Adhesive Furniture Film
Dark wapa, Wood Self-Adhesive Furniture Film
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Indoor assembly
dark brown
Wall, Floor, Wood
-20°C to +110°C
10 years (indoor installation)
approx. 250 µm, strong (> 150 µm)
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