Glass decoration films for doors and windows

Self-adhesive glass decoration films, also called sandblasting effect films, window tattoos or glass tattoos, are made by us in various colours especially for your dimensions. You can choose from our range or get your own individual glass decoration. A glass decoration embellishes your door or window and gives both individuality.

As a glass decor film with a silky matt surface and a light transmission of 100%, 5 colours are available in each case: White, Cream, Rose, Bleu, Mint.
The films resist weathering without shrinking or wrinkling and have a manufacturer's guarantee of at least 8 years.

  • 140+ different glass decors
  • 5 colours:White, Crème, Rose, Bleu, Mint
  • Precisely cut to your size
  • Individual decors on request
  • High quality: 8 years warranty
  • Purchase on account & shipping 1-3 days
Glass decoration films for doors and windows
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Glass decoration film with motif

A glass decoration film is ideal for depicting a beautiful motif, lettering or your own logo on a pane of glass. The geometry is plotted into the decorative glass film using a cutting plotter. Thanks to a backing paper on the back, the glass decoration can be transferred to the window pane in one piece after weeding. The resulting look has a sandblasted effect, with high light transmission.

The glass decoration film is self-adhesive and is applied wet, for which you only need to follow the supplied application instructions. Unfortunately, dry applying the glass decoration film is not recommended due to the finely plotted motifs.

Privacy protection with glass decoration

In addition to the visual enhancement of windows and doors, glass decors offer a very high level of privacy protection by day and night. In the places where window film is left, it is not possible to look through the glass decor on either side. People or objects can only be seen hazily if they are close enough behind the frosted glass film. As soon as the distance increases, no more details are visible. In the evening, when the light in the room is switched on, it may be possible to see a soft shadow. If an adhesive film with a motif is not desired, the use of a conventional privacy film is recommended.

Glass decor in the kitchen

Glass decors are often used as a partition on a shower wall or in the kitchen as a decorative privacy screen. Motifs such as borders, pictures according to own designs or even texts such as house numbers for front doors are used.

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