Order glass decoration film for windows and glass doors made to measure

Self-adhesive glass decoration films, also called sandblasting effect films, window tattoos or glass tattoos, are made by us in various colours especially for your dimensions. You can choose from our range or get your own individual glass decoration. A glass decoration embellishes your door or window and gives both individuality.

As a glass decor film with a silky matt surface and a light transmission of 100%, 5 colours are available in each case: White, Cream, Rose, Bleu, Mint.
The films resist weathering without shrinking or wrinkling and have a manufacturer's guarantee of at least 8 years.

  • 140+ different glass decors
  • 5 colours: White, Cream, Rose, Bleu, Mint
  • Precisely cut to your size
  • Individual decors on request
  • High quality: 8 years warranty
  • Purchase on account & shipping 1-3 days
Order glass decoration film for windows and glass doors made to measure
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Individual design with self-adhesive glass decoration film: Creative accents for windows and doors.

Customised designs: Unique motifs according to your wishes

Self-adhesive glass decoration film with customised motifs is the perfect solution for giving your windows and doors an individual and stylish touch. This high-quality film allows you to decorate glass surfaces in a simple and creative way. With the glass decoration film, you can choose from a variety of motifs or even create a custom design that perfectly suits your personal style and requirements. Whether you prefer an elegant pattern, a playful illustration or a modern graphic element - the possibilities are almost endless.

Easy to use and versatile: Decoration for residential and commercial spaces

The application of the glass decoration film is simple and uncomplicated. The film is self-adhesive and can be applied directly to smooth glass surfaces. It can also be removed again without leaving any residue, so that you can change or adapt your decoration at any time.

The film not only serves as a decorative element, but also offers practical advantages. It protects against prying eyes from outside and at the same time ensures sufficient light transmission. This allows you to maintain your privacy without having to forego natural daylight.

The self-adhesive glass decoration film is suitable for use in both residential and commercial environments such as offices, shops or restaurants. It can be used on windows as well as glass doors and other glass surfaces to create a uniform and aesthetic look.

Discover the variety and creativity of self-adhesive glass decoration film with customised motifs. Transform your windows and doors into real eye-catchers and create an individual atmosphere in your rooms. With this high-quality film, you can add your personal touch to the design of your glass surfaces and combine functionality and aesthetics at the same time.ndividuality: Unique and individual designs made to measure.

The advantages of glass decorations

  1. Individuality: Unique and individual designs made to measure
  2. Ease of use: Self-contained and uncomplicated installation
  3. Flexibility: Possibility to change or remove the design
  4. Privacy and light transmission: Protection from prying eyes from outside and sufficient daylight in the room
  5. Cost saving: cheaper alternative to etched glass or custom made windows
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