Order custom-fit glass decor for doors

A wide selection of glass designs with motifs specially developed for glass doors awaits you. The different patterns can be, for example, modern or simple-looking stripes or gentle waves. Other themes correspond to nature with its plants and flowers or the animal world. A variety of designs are adapted to rooms such as kitchens, living rooms or children's rooms.

  • Glass decors for doors in many designs
  • 5 colours: White, Cream, Rose, Bleu, Mint
  • Precisely cut to your size
  • High quality: 8 years warranty
  • Purchase on account & shipping 1-3 days
Order custom-fit glass decor for doors
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Tailor-made elegance: glass decor film for doors made to measure

The glass decor film for doors, custom-fit, offers an ideal solution to give your doors an individual and stylish look. This high-quality film is made especially for your doors and allows for a tailor-made design.

Individual design: creative designs for your door decoration

With the custom-fit glass decoration film, you can choose from a variety of designs or even create your own motif that perfectly matches your personal style and interior design. Whether you prefer a modern, abstract decoration, an illustration from nature or an elegant pattern - the possibilities are endless.

Easy to use and practical benefits: Privacy and style for your doors

Applying the film to your doors is easy and hassle-free. It is cut to fit exactly and can be effortlessly applied to the smooth surface of the door. There are no bubbles or creases and the film adheres firmly and securely.

The glass decoration film for doors not only serves as an aesthetic element, but also offers practical advantages. It protects against prying eyes from outside and ensures privacy in your rooms. At the same time, however, it allows sufficient daylight into the room, maintaining a bright and friendly atmosphere.

In addition, the film also provides protection against UV radiation, which can cause furniture and carpets to fade. It also helps to reduce heat penetration, ensuring a comfortable room temperature.

Discover the variety and creativity of custom-fit glass decoration film for doors. Turn your doors into real eye-catchers and give your home an individual touch. With this custom-made film, you can beautify your doors and combine privacy and functionality at the same time.

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