Glass decor for doors, face contour

  • Indoor assembly
  • self-adhesive
Glasdekor Gesichtskontur weiß matt
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Glass decor for doors, face contour
Available in the dimensions:
min. 50,0 x 50,0 cm
max. 117,0 x 270,0 cm
Width [cm]
Height [cm]
Cutting possible on request
Unfortunately, your desired size cannot be ordered via the online shop. However, we can still offer you the dimensions. Please ask our customer service at

Colour type

White (213080)
Cream (213085)
Rosé (213090)
Bleu (213095)
Mint (213100)
from €39.90

Minimum price: €39.90 Price per m² from: €45.00 Price per m²: €45.00 Price per m²: €45.00 incl. VAT plus shipping costs. Item no. 323350-2-213080

Order accessories directly

Facilitates the installation of window films immensely! The films can be positioned on the glass without sticking. The concentrate is sufficient for an area of approx. 6m². The appropriate quantity is offered in the shopping basket.

Transfer concentrate

This assembly set is suitable for smaller foil assemblies of up to 6m². In the set price you save over 15% compared to the individual components.

Mounting set

This assembly set is ideal for medium-sized film installations of 5-10 m². With this bundle you save almost 23% compared to the individual components.

Assembly set professional

Delivery time approx. 4-6 Days

CNC cutting accurate to the millimetre

free assembly tool

Properties of this film
10 years (indoor installation)
Glass door
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This self-adhesiveglass decoration film corresponds to an etched or sandblasted glass pane in the standard white colour. The view through is impeded, whereby almost 90% of the light passes through.

Glass decors can be installed both indoors and outdoors. We recommend indoor installation, as outdoor installation may be considerably less durable due to possible weather influences.

A total of 5 colours are available for the glass decoration film

  • White (213080)
  • Cream (213085)
  • Rosé (213090)
  • Bleu (213095)
  • Mint (213100)

These premium films offer many advantages over etched glass panels

  • The films are non-sensitive to touch, considerably cheaper and the decor can be removed from the glass without damage.
  • The silk-matt surface with metallic pigments makes these glass decoration films look very classy.
  • They do not shrink and do not wrinkle even after years.
  • The scratch-resistant surface of the glass decoration films makes them easy to clean with standard glass cleaners.

For your understanding

The white or coloured areas shown in the picture above represent the film-covered glass. The transparent surfaces remain unadhered.

Note on production
We adjust the aspect ratio of the motifs proportionally and undistorted to your ordered dimensions. Depending on the desired dimensions, this may result in a fully filled film area towards the edges.

Please note that the colour reproduction of the item images can only serve as a non-binding orientation. We recommend that you check the colour shades in real life by means offree samples before purchasing.

Included in delivery

You should definitely order the transfer concentrate, art. no. 020010 additionally. It makes the installation easier and leads to a better result. Alternatively, you can also use a pH-neutral cleaner. This must be pH-neutral to prevent streaks from forming together with the film adhesive!

Any offcuts are not included in the scope of delivery.

Technical data and information at a glance...

Manufacturer's guarantee

The manufacturer of the glass decoration films grants a durability guarantee of 7 years on these premium films when installed vertically outdoors. However, due to their partly very filigree structures, these glass decoration films should not be used outdoors under any circumstances. Indoors, these films therefore have a considerably longer shelf life.

The bonded film is resistant to most petroleum-based oils, greases, solvents, mild acids and alkalis.

Technical data
Material PVC (polymer plasticised)
Film thickness approx. 80 µm
Adhesive Polyacrylate adhesive
Adhesive strength (ASTMD-903) approx. 10 N/25 mm
Dimensional stability maximum -0.45
Light transmission (DIN 53 147) approx. 66.5
Temperature range -30° C to + 80° C

Installation recommendation

Type of glassNumber of
single glazing 1 (-fold) until 1978 5,7 - 5,8 yes yes
insulating glazing 2 (-fold)
2 (-fold)
3 (-fold)
1978 - 1994
1995 - Today
1978 - 1994
3.0 - 3.4
1.2 - 2.5
2.1 - 2.4
insulating glazing 2 (-fold)
3 (-fold)
1978 - 1994
1995 - Today
1.7 - 2.1
0.4 - 1.4
sunlight glazing 2 (-times)
2 (-times)
3 (-times)
1978 - 1994
1995 - Today
1995 - Today
1.4 - 2.0
1.0 - 2.5
0.5 - 1.3

These recommendations may still result in glass breakage due to various factors at the installation site. According to our AGB, §10 paragraph 3 we do not accept any liability for this.

Answers to the most frequently asked questions...

General questions

Can I get a free foil sample?

Of course, please click on this link to access the corresponding order form. You are welcome to add to the list of items if you wish. There are no costs for you!

Will you also cut the film for me?

We cut each film to the exact millimetre according to the dimensions you enter. The cutting is free of charge. You can find detailed instructions on how to measure your panes here.

Alternatively, you can also cut your film by hand with a cutter knife. However, this requires a little manual skill, so you are usually better off using our free service.

Can you also cut a round blank or other geometry?

In general, almost all 2D shapes can be produced. Many geometries (e.g. triangles, trapezoids, circles) can be ordered directly via the online shop. To do so, please click on the orange rectangle to the right of the article image. You can then choose between many different shapes.

For shapes that are not specified, please send us a small sketch (photo) in which you specify the side lengths, radii or angles. Please contact us for this purpose.

Does the film also adhere to surfaces other than glass?

The window film adheres to all surfaces that are approximately as smooth as glass. When applying the film to plastic, please bear in mind that the adhesive may bond with the plastic, making it impossible to remove the film cleanly later.

How can I clean my window pane with the film in place?

You can keep your window pane clean as usual. The film should not be rubbed with sharp-edged objects (e.g. a brush).
You can find more information in our guide General care instructions for window films.

Can the film be removed without leaving any residue?

All window films can be removed without leaving any residue and without damaging the glass surface!
Below you will find detailed instructions on how to remove old window films.

Can you also print on films?

Unfortunately, we do not currently offer foil printing and do not have any partner companies with whom we can realise foil printing.

How to mount this film on the window...

Assembly instructions for glass decoration foils

You will need the following items

Assembly tips

  • Two people should carry out the installation!
  • Do not install the film if the temperature on the installation side is below +6° C.

Mounting is so easy

  1. Fill the spray bottle with 0.5 litres of water and add the transfer concentrate (30 ml) or five drops of "FROSCH- (PH) Neutral Cleaner" (sufficient for approx. 6 to 7 m² of glass surface).
  2. Thoroughly clean the glass pane or the surface to be glued with standard glass cleaner or our glass cleaner! Remove all adhesive particles (e.g. paint or fly droppings), preferably with the Glass scraper blade. No dirt residue should remain on the glass!
  3. Structure of the layers of a glass decoration
    Transfer film
    (slightly transparent)
    Glass decoration film
    Carrier paper(opaque, solid & white)

    To begin, place the glass decor on a table or similar with the transfer foil ❷ facing down. You are now looking at the back of the backing paper ❶. Now rub the mounting squeegee vigorously over the entire back. This will firmly join all three pieces of film together. Starting at one corner, loosen the backing paper ❶ and pull it off carefully and slowly at as flat an angle as possible. The glass decoration film will stick to the transfer film ❶. If this is not the case, you can use a knife to lift the decoration slightly off the backing paper ❶ and press it back onto the transfer foil ❷.
  4. First spray the adhesive side of the glass decoration film and then the glass pane with the water mixture. Do not be sparing with the liquid, the film and pane should be well wet. Now place the glass decoration film on the glass pane. The film should slide back and forth well, otherwise please spray the glass again. Spray the other side of the decorative glass film as well to make it easier to work with the squeegee.
  5. Now press the water out evenly with the squeegee from the centre to the right and left. Repeat the process until there is no more residual water under the film! To avoid scratches, wrap the squeegee with a paper towel.
  6. Now wait at least 7 days. Then carefully and slowly remove the transfer foil ❷ from the glass pane, starting from one side. This leaves only the glass decoration film on the glass. If this is not the case, please wait a little longer and rework with the squeegee.
  7. After removing the transfer film ❷ check the glass decoration film for any non-adhesive corners and carefully press them on with the mounting squeegee.
  8. Now allow the film to dry for 3 days without touching it. Wait 2 weeks before cleaning the film for the first time and never use hard objects (brushes or blades) for cleaning. Commercially available glass cleaners can be used.
Order a product sample...

We will be happy to send you a free sample of this and up to four other films without obligation.
The samples are approx. 9 x 9 cm in size and will be sent to you free of charge and without obligation by letter post.

1. select sample (max. 5 pieces)
Please add at least one colour!

Explanation: For glass decors, we cannot send you the finished decor as a miniature sample, but only the desired shade from which your glass decor will later be made.
2. Specify shipping address
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Thank you very much!
We have received your foil requests.
The samples are usually sent to you within one working day.
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Assembly instructions

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Installation video for window films. Click on the image to start.

Tool for easy assembly

The tool sets and accessories offered by Velken will be very useful for the success of your installation! Adhesive films, electrostatic films, decorative coatings... for each product there is the appropriate tool.

In addition to the assembly video, take a look at the detailed assembly instructions.

- 25 %
Assembly set professional
This assembly set is ideal for medium-sized film installations of 5-10 m². With this bundle you save almost 23% compared to the individual components.
040020 - Assembly set professional
€20.20 €14.95
Glasdekor YinYang weiß matt
  • Indoor assembly
  • self-adhesive
from €29.90
Glasdekor Yogabaum weiß matt
  • Indoor assembly
  • self-adhesive
from €29.90
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