Outdoor film, anthracite grey 7016

  • Indoor assembly, Outdoor installation
  • self-adhesive
Outdoor film, anthracite grey 7016
Outdoor film, anthracite grey 7016
Outdoor film, anthracite grey 7016
Outdoor film, anthracite grey 7016
Outdoor film, anthracite grey 7016
Outdoor film, anthracite grey 7016
Outdoor film, anthracite grey 7016
Outdoor film, anthracite grey 7016
Geometry Linear metre
Pentagon with slope
Rectangle with bevel
Rectangle with two slopes
symmetric trapezoid
right triangle
symmetrical triangle
Gable window
Rectangle with segmental arch
Rectangle with basket arch
Rectangle with semicircle
Quarter circle
Circle section
Oval / Ellipse
Available in the dimensions:
min. 5,0 x 5,0 cm
max. 129 x 5.000,0 cm
Width [cm]
Height [cm]
from €1.79

Price per m² from: €67.70 Price per m²: €60.93 Price per m²: €67.70 incl. VAT plus shipping costs. Item no. 922022

Order accessories directly

This mounting squeegee with soft felt edge is ideally suited for scratch-sensitive film surfaces such as sun protection, safety and protective films.

Mounting squeegee with felt edge

This glass cleaner with anti-soiling effect removes even coarse soiling in no time. The spray bottle makes application easy and clean.

Surface & Glass Cleaner 500 ml

Professional cutter knife which lies very well in the hand when cutting foil. With sliding grid and blade lock.

Professional cutter knife

Cutter knife with sliding grid and blade lock for convenient cutting of window films. Break-away blades ensure that the knife is always sharp.

Cutter knife

The ideal care cloth for drying and polishing our films and additionally many other types of glass such as panes, mirrors and much more!

Foil polishing cloth

Delivery time approx. 5-7 Days

CNC cutting accurate to the millimetre

Properties of this film
Mounting side
Indoor assembly, Outdoor installation
Glass, smooth surfaces, Stone, Plastic, Wood
Temperature resistant
-30°C to +80°C
Material thickness
approx. 180 µm
8 years (outdoor installation)
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Self-adhesive weatherproof film for outdoor use

Outdoor film
Application example: Garage door wrapped in outdoor foil.

This high-performance film is specially designed for the requirements of renovating and designing untreated, painted and anodised outdoor surfaces. With its strong adhesion to smooth surfaces such as plastic, aluminium, metal and HPL, the multi-layer film is an ideal alternative to painting.

Advantages of this self-adhesive film

  • Durable: Permanently weatherproof & UV resistant
  • Economical: Save up to 50% compared to a conventional renovation
  • Easy to process: Easy to attach in one operation
  • Easy to clean: Thanks to the dirt-repellent PVDF surface
  • Durable: 8-year warranty against delamination, cracks, yellowing and other appearance changes
  • Sustainable: Does not emit any solvents
  • Odourless: No odor nuisance for processors and other environment
  • plottable and flame retardant
Outdoor film
Application example: courtyard entrance gate with a new look.

Areas of application

With the weather-resistant outdoor film, you can refresh plastic or metal surfaces such as garden tables, garage doors, sheet metal or facade elements quickly, inexpensively and permanently. The film covers the surface like a second skin and lets it shine again.

The special strength of the film allows it to be attached without any problems, even in windy conditions.

Another advantage: the silky-matt embossed, structured surface levels out slight unevenness. Unlike paint coatings, foils have a uniform thickness. At the same time, weatherproof adhesive film for outdoors is flexible enough to be attached around corners and edges.

Weather-resistant construction of the outdoor film

construction of the outdoor film

Certified Security

  • The film is weather-resistant for at least ten years when installed vertically.
  • The outer film meets the requirements of fire class EN 13501-1 flame retardant according to SBI test in class C-1, d0

Assembly & Removal

The air channel technology of the product prevents the formation of air bubbles. Also, small positioning errors can be easily corrected as the film can be repositioned before the adhesive has set.

Although the outer film was developed for permanent adhesion, the film can be removed from many surfaces after heating the surface and the film itself.


The Assembly squeegee with felt edge, item no. 010150 you should order carefully. It makes assembly easier for you and leads to a better result.

Any cuts are not included in the scope of delivery.

Technical data and information at a glance...

Manufacturer's Warranty

The manufacturer grants a guarantee of 8 years for outdoor installation with vertical installation and 5 years with horizontal installation on this outdoor film. This guarantee applies to delamination, cracks, yellowing and other changes in appearance. The durability of the outdoor films for indoor installation is up to 15 years in Central Europe, depending on various factors.

The film has excellent abrasion resistance to acids (ethanol, salt), stains, dirt and mold, except xylene.

Technical overview
UV resistance at least 10 years
Assembly page Exterior & Interior
Strength 160-180 µm incl. adhesive
Slide weight 180-200 g per square meter
Glue transparent high-performance acrylic adhesive
Stickiness after 24 hours higher than 15N/25mm
max. roll width 130cm
roll length 50m
Temperature resistance -30°C to +80°C
Reaction to fire The film is flame retardant (B1) made of non-combustible material.
Classification: C; d 0, s1 according to EN 13501-1
Ideal installation temperature +10°C to +30°C for the film, substrate temperature +10°C to +40°C.
Avoid intense sunlight during processing, "shade" if necessary.
Assembly instructions Dry application with a suitable squeegee.
Mold bonding possible using a heat gun.
REACH compliant This outdoor film is an "article" and therefore does not fall under REACH.
The raw materials that make up this film are REACH compliant.
Diffusion behavior This adhesive film is vapor permeable with an SD value of 3.88 m.
(Explanation: SD=1 means open, SD=100 means not open)

How to mount this film on the window...

Assembly instructions for furniture foils

1. Thoroughly clean the surface to be covered with a commercially available surface cleaner!
Remove all particles (e.g. paint or flyspeck). No dirt residues may remain on the surface! remain on the surface!
2. Remove the backing paper from the furniture film Peel off the backing paper from the back of the furniture foil, starting from one corner. from the furniture foil, starting from one corner.
3. Apply furniture foil Align the uncovered self-adhesive backing on the surface to be foiled and press on the first piece of film with the supplied squeegee. the first piece of film with the supplied squeegee until it is bubble-free. If you want to apply the film around the edges If you want to stick the film around the edges, make sure you leave enough material overhanging.
4. Squeegee on the furniture film Now carefully peel off the backing paper further under the film and at the same time press the furniture film further against the film. further against it. If air creases form, pull the film up again and press the film with the squeegee again. again with the squeegee.
5. Heat the furniture foil with a hair dryer The film can then be stretched by applying a certain amount of force, allowing it to be laid tightly and bubble-free, even around corners.
6. Pull furniture foil around edges To lay the film over an edge, heat the film to hand-warm with a hairdryer.
7. Remove air bubbles If you discover air bubbles after installation that cannot be removed by lifting the film, you can pierce them with a needle. you can prick them with a needle. Heat the puncture again with a hairdryer and push the air out of the hole. with a hair dryer and press the air out of the hole.
8. Cut off excess material Cut off excess material behind the hidden edge at a distance of approx. 1 - 1.5cm with a cutter knife. cutter knife.
Order a product sample...

We will be happy to send you a free sample of this and up to four other films without obligation.
The samples are approx. 9 x 9 cm in size and will be sent to you free of charge and without obligation by letter post.

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Outdoor film, anthracite grey 7016 Outdoor film, anthracite grey 7016
Art.-Nr. 922022
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Temperature resistant
Material thickness
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Outdoor film, anthracite grey 7016
Outdoor film, anthracite grey 7016
€67.70 / m²
Indoor assembly, Outdoor installation
Glass, smooth surfaces, Stone, Plastic, Wood
-30°C to +80°C
8 years (outdoor installation)
approx. 180 µm
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Wir möchten gern Metall Elemente auf der Terrasse folieren. Manche davon haben Löcher. Kann man diese leicht und professionell selbst mit einem Cutter-Messer ausschneiden?
Max F. am 09. June 2023
Das wird gehen aber es ist nicht so einfach wie bei anderen Folien weil die Outdoorfolie eine Teflon Beschichtung besitzt, die sie vor Schmutz und der Witterung schützt.
Velken Service-Team on 10. June 2023
Compose reply
Kann ich diese Folie auch auf einem Gaselement an der Haustüre anbringen ?
Ilona K. am 15. July 2023
Auf Glas kann die Folie problemlos eingesetzt werden.
Velken Service-Team on 17. July 2023
Compose reply
Ich suche eine graue Folie (146×95mm), die ich auf die Glasplatte unseres Terrassentischs kleben kann, allerdings auf die Unterseite der Glasplatte. Der Tisch steht im Sommer wie im Winter draußen, Folie+Kleber müssen also Hitze und Frost aushalten können. Haben Sie dazu einen passenden Artikel?
M. F. am 19. July 2023
Sie können unsere Outdoorfolien dafür einsetzen. Sie sind durchgefärbt und haben auf der Klebeseite die gleiche Farbe wie auf der Vorderseite. Die Temperaturunterschiede machen den Folien + Kleber nichts aus.
Velken Service-Team on 19. July 2023
Compose reply
Kann man die Folie auch dauerhaft auf die Außenseite von Kunststofffenstern (Rahmen bis zur Glasdichtung) aufkleben? Bedarf es hier einer besonderen Vorbereitung wie etwa ein abwaschen der Klebefläche mit Kunststoffreiniger oder Bremsenreiniger zur etwaigen Entfettung?
Carsten B. am 21. July 2023
Die Outdoorfolien können dauerhaft auf der Außenseite von Kunststofffenstern eingesetzt werden. Der Untergrund muss vor der Verklebung frei von allen Rückständen sein. Die Oberfläche beispielsweise mit Isopropanol reinigen, Reste abwischen und ausreichend trocknen lassen.
Velken Service-Team on 25. July 2023
Compose reply
Ist die Folie in RAL 7016 zu bekommen?
Anja S. am 18. August 2023
Diese Folie hat eine RAL Zertifizierung, daher ist sie genau passend zu RAL 7016.
Velken Service-Team on 19. August 2023
Compose reply
Kann ich die Folie auf einem Holzparavan befestigen. Ich möchte diesen als Wind- und Wettetschutz auf dem Balkon nutzen?
Ramona F. am 20. August 2023
Das kommt drauf an wie geschlossen die Holzfläche ist. Daher empfehlen wir, dass Sie sich zunächst ein kostenloses Folienmuster anfordern und damit eine Probeverklebung an einer unauffälligen Stelle machen. Sollte das Muster kleben bleiben wird es die große Folie später auch.
Velken Service-Team on 21. August 2023
Compose reply
Kann diese Folie auch auf Außenjalousien geklebt werden? Oder hält das nicht durch öffnen und schließen der Jalousien?
Daniela R. am 10. September 2023
Das wird leider nicht funktionieren, die Folie ist nur für statische Untergründe konzipiert.
Velken Service-Team on 11. September 2023
Compose reply
Kann man die Folie auch auf Außentreppen anbringen um somit den Renovierungsaufwand kostengünstig zu halten?
. A. am 12. October 2023
Für Böden oder Treppen sind die Folien durch ihre Teflonbeschichtung nicht gut geeignet, denn dadurch wird die Folie sehr rutschig wenn Wasser darauf steht. Auch sind sie für die möglichen Belastungen/Abrieb auf einem Boden nicht konzipiert.
Velken Service-Team on 12. October 2023
Compose reply
Kann ich die Folie auf Festerbänken außen kleben? Falls ja, wie gehe ich da vor?
. J. am 10. November 2023
Die Folie kann auch auf Fensterbänke geklebt werden. Dazu die Folie einfach auf Maß bestellen, das rückseitige Trägerpapier abziehen und auf die Fensterbank legen. Anschließend mit einem Rakel die Folie fest andrücken.
Velken Service-Team on 10. November 2023
Compose reply
Kann man die Folie auch auf einen Tank im Bereich des Einfüllstutzen kleben, zum Schutz des Lackes wenn beim Tanken was daneben geht.
Jasmin K. am 29. November 2023
Theoretisch ist dies möglich, wir haben die Folie dafür aber nicht entwickelt oder getestet. Anzumerken ist, dass die Folie einen relativ starken Kleber hat welcher den Lack beschädigen kann wenn die Folie eines Tages wieder entfernt wird!
Velken Service-Team on 30. November 2023
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