Dismantling set for window films

Dismantling set for window films
Glasschaber zum Reinigen der Fenster
Dismantling set for window films
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Dismantling set With this set, you can remove any film without any problems. With the help of...

Dismantling set

With this set, you can remove any film without any problems. With the help of the ph-neutral cleaner, you can easily remove the adhesive remaining on the pane after removing a window film. Brush on the adhesive residue and then easily remove the soaked adhesive residue from the window pane with the enclosed glass scraper.

Please refer to the label for instructions on how to use this adhesive residue remover.

Included in delivery

1x adhesive remover, Art. No. 020060 worth from 6.95 euros
1x glass scraper with retractable blade, Art. No. 010220 worth 3,95 Euro

You thus save approx. 18 % compared to the individual components.

How to mount this film on the window...

You will need the following things

Instructions for removing old window films
1. Peel off the window film in one piece if possible. To do this, try to grasp one corner of the film and then pull it off slowly and evenly with force and at a flat angle.

For large films, you can use a cutter knife (carpet knife) to cut the film into manageable pieces on the window beforehand. But CAUTION, be sure to use a sharp blade and only press lightly. Otherwise scratches could occur on the glass pane. Spray the released adhesive with the adhesive residue remover and let it work for approx. 60 to 90 seconds.
2. Then you can use the Glass scraper blade, or a razor blade, a ceramic hob scraper, a glass scraper or glass plane to push the adhesive residue off the pane.
3. To be sure that all adhesive residues are actually removed, it is advisable to rub the pane lightly with methylated spirit. After 1 to 2 minutes, any adhesive residues will turn grey and can then be worked on again with the adhesive residue remover.
4. Special cases (e.g. car rear window): The heating wires on car rear windows prevent the use of Glass scraper blades to remove the adhesive. Blunt tools must be used here.
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