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Exterior view Velken-Folientechnik
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Exterior view Velken-Folientechnik

We offer the best window films for every purpose, solving the problems of our partners and customers.

Thanks to our employees, we are able to guarantee quality customer service, excellent cuts and short shipping routes.

—Martin Siegel

Our team

  • Peter V.
    Peter Velken Managing Director
  • Martin Siegel
    Martin Siegel Managing Director
  • Annette N.
    Annette Nienhaus Authorised signatory
  • Dirk Bilstein
    Dirk Bilstein Sales, customer service
  • Thomas de Jong
    Thomas de Jong Sales, customer service
  • Florian S.
    Florian Schopohl Developer
  • Christopher H.
    Christopher Hoven Front-end developer
  • Tobias S.
    Tobias Schopohl Manufacturing
  • Manuela S.
    Manuela Schmeinck Manufacturing
  • Claudia P.
    Claudia Pecl Manufacturing
  • Sandy P.
    Sandy Nehring-Puschner Manufacturing
  • Cäcilia B.
    Cäcilia Brake Order picking
  • Theresia K.
    Theresia Klug Order picking
  • Brinja P.
    Brinja Pickhardt Order picking
  • Marion K.
    Marion Kriesel Order picking
  • Siegfried A.
    Siegfried Ausmann Order picking
  • Anke N.
    Anke Niehaves Order picking
  • Monika F.
    Monika Fisser Order picking
  • Male
    Frank Feldbusch Order picking
  • Hilma B.
    Hilma Bezik Order picking
  • Frank E.
    Frank Ehlting Order picking
  • Günter N.
    Günter Nienhaus Order picking
  • Sabine M.
    Sabine Molzahn Order picking

We will gladly take time for you!

Customer service
Hotline +49 (0)2871 22910-40

Monday - Friday:
from 08:00 - 17:00 hrs.
eMail info@velken.shop
Fax Fax: +49 (0)2871 22910-49

Company history

  • Expansion of production

    Even during the ongoing Corona pandemic, we were able to increase our turnover in recent years! Encouraged by this, we have once again expanded our production by 200m². This way we are well prepared for the future and can react flexibly to new challenges.

  • Covid19 Pandemic

    "The early bird catches the worm" - according to this motto we have increased the stock of window films preventively in order to guarantee the ability to deliver for our customers. In addition, thanks to the preventive approach of our production in shift operation with small team sizes, the ability to deliver is permanently guaranteed. When picking our deliveries, we always comply with the required health and hygiene standards and monitor them continuously.

  • Foundation of the Velken-Folientechnik GmbH

    After years of success, we are realigning our business structures: Since the beginning of the year, Velken-Folientechnik has changed its name to a limited liability company. Alongside Peter Velken, Martin Siegel is part owner of this new company.

  • Office move to new premises

    Finally the time has come: We move into our new offices, which provide more than 200m² of space for new employees, creativity and new ideas. The new offices are on the first floor above the production area and provide a light-flooded working environment.

  • Own assembly team

    Due to the ever-increasing customer demand, we have decided to set up our own installation service in German-speaking countries. We can therefore offer our customers window films + on-site installation directly from one source with a guarantee.

  • Digital Cutter / Online-Shop

    Our machinery has been expanded with a new digital cutter, which raises our cutting quality and precision to an even higher level.

    This year we are looking forward to another highlight: the relaunch of our online shop. In contrast to its predecessor, this is based on a completely new system, which offers great advantages in terms of productivity and flexibility. This means that we are well equipped for the coming years and can continue to expand our market leadership.

  • Move to a new company building

    Thanks to the strong growth of the company, the business premises we had been using since 2010 became too small again, so we expanded once more. The new production facility was built specifically to meet our needs and was put into operation at the beginning of 2013. The logistically and infrastructurally better location allows us to further reduce the shipping time of our packages to the customer.

    The new film centre has a floor space of approx. 700m², which means that our qualified staff can react even more individually, quickly and comprehensively to the needs and wishes of our customers.

  • Improved internet presence

    The online shop was to appear in a new design. This involved both a new template and the introduction of a completely new e-commerce platform that controls all shop functions. After careful testing of all functions, this shop is now available for our customers at www.velken.de since March 2011.

  • Relocation of the business premises

    After two successful business years and constant growth, the business premises became too small. In 2009, a new multi-storey building was constructed, which now meets all requirements. The move to Bocholt took place in March 2010.

  • Entry into online trade

    Since the beginning of 2005, the founder Peter Velken has been familiar with the installation and trade of glass foils. This led to the option of continuing and expanding this activity in the form of an online shop (formerly www.GlaDeFo.de) on 01.04.2007.

  • How it all began

    Before 2005, the owner Peter Velken worked for a long time as a department manager in a technical office in industrial construction. The desire for the design and appearance of modern office and industrial buildings as well as the desire for individual residential construction led to a very high proportion of glass in these buildings. So the decision was made to meet the needs of architects and end-users for protection against too high temperatures, optical design of glass as well as security requirements and to offer a comprehensive range of films for these purposes.

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