Solar control film, Heat reduction, silver light mirrored

  • self-adhesive
Fenster ohne Folie Sonnenschutzfolie, silber hell verspiegelt
Sonnenschutzfolie, silber hell verspiegelt
Montagevideo starten
Tönungsvergleich von silber hell verspiegelt zu keiner Folie
Tönungsvergleich verschiedener Hitzeschutzfolien
helle Sonnenschutzfolie für Fenster
Hitzeschutzfolie, hell verspiegelt
Hitzeschutzfolie, silber hell verspiegelt
Wärmeschutzfolie, silber hell verspiegelt
Fensterfolie silber hell verspiegelt
Innenansicht mit Sonnenschutzfolie, silber hell verspiegelt
Sonnenschutzfolie hell verspiegelt mit Fliegengitter
Sonnenschutzfolie in hell silber verspiegelt auf einem Kippfenster
Sonnenschutzfolie silber hell verspiegelt
Sonnenschutzfolie silber hell verspiegelt
Detailansicht der Sonnenschutzfolie silber hell verspiegelt auf einem Fenster
Sonnenschutzfolie silber hell verspiegelt für ein Giebelfenster nach Maß
Silber hell verspiegelte Sonnenschutzfolie an einem Fenster mit Blick in den Garten
Kaum sichtbare helle Sonnenschutzfolie an einem Dachfenster - Innenansicht
Silber hell verspiegelte Sonnenschutzfolie an mehreren Fenstern im Dachgeschoss - Innenansicht
Geometry Linear metre
Pentagon with slope
Rectangle with bevel
Rectangle with two slopes
symmetric trapezoid
right triangle
symmetrical triangle
Gable window
Rectangle with segmental arch
Rectangle with basket arch
Rectangle with semicircle
Quarter circle
Circle section
Oval / Ellipse
Available in the dimensions:
min. 5,0 x 5,0 cm
max. 151 x 3.050,0 cm
Width [cm]
Height [cm]

Mounting side

Indoor assembly
Outdoor installation - 5 year film
Outdoor installation - 8 year film
from €1.00

Price per m² from: €32.90 Price per m²: €29.61 Price per m²: €32.90 incl. VAT plus shipping costs. Item no. 111010

Order accessories directly

Facilitates the installation of window films immensely! The films can be positioned on the glass without sticking. The concentrate is sufficient for an area of approx. 6m². The appropriate quantity is offered in the shopping basket.

Transfer concentrate

This installation set is suitable for smaller film installations of only a few windows with an area of around 1m² each. The set price saves you over 15% compared to the individual components.

Mounting set

This installation set is ideal for medium-sized film installations of up to five windows with a maximum area of 2m² each . You save almost 23% with this bundle compared to the individual components.

Assembly set professional

Specially designed for large projects as well as permanent use, this installation set is suitable for film installations with more than five large windows. As a set, it is approx. 33% cheaper than the individual components.

Premium mounting set

The ideal care cloth for drying and polishing our films and additionally many other types of glass such as panes, mirrors and much more!

Foil polishing cloth

Delivery time approx. 2-4 days

CNC cutting accurate to the millimetre

free assembly tool

Properties of this film
Privacy screen
Sun protection
medium (25-50%)
Glare reduction
UV protection
with (> 99%)
Protection from
Sun / Heat
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Optimised for high light incidence [OS_SUBTMPL:article/description_break_glass.html] This...

Optimised for high light incidence

To avoid glass breakage, it is imperative that you follow our installation recommendations in the product data section.

This sun protection film is used because of its high light transmission, especially for smaller windows (less than one square metre) which are not permanently exposed to the sun.

The rooms in private homes, rented flats, conservatories, office buildings, business premises, production facilities, etc. are hardly darkened and still receive a noticeable heat protection.

Advantages of this film

  • hardly visible sun protection
  • high light transmission
  • High rejection of total solar energy (reduced radiation on the glass):
    • 50% for indoor installation
    • 58% for outdoor installation
  • very high UV protection:
    • 98% for interior installation
    • 95% for outdoor installation

The scratch-resistant surface of the sun protection film makes it easy to clean with standard glass cleaners. It is dirt-repellent and easy to clean. At night, when the interior lighting is switched on, a slight reflection appears on the inside of the film.

Included in delivery

You should definitely order the transfer concentrate, art. no. 020010 additionally. It makes the installation easier and leads to a better result. Alternatively, you can also use a pH-neutral cleaner. This must be pH-neutral to prevent streaks from forming together with the film adhesive!

Any offcuts are not included in the scope of delivery.

Technical data and information at a glance...

Manufacturer's warranty

The manufacturer provides a 10-year guarantee on the sun protection film for interior installation. For the 5-year film for outdoor installation, this guarantee is 5 years for vertical installation and 2 years for sloped glazing (skylights) from a roof slope of 25°. With the 8-year film for outdoor installation, the edges must be sealed all around. The guarantee is then 8 years for vertical installation and 2 years for sloped glazing (skylights) from a roof pitch of 25°. This guarantee covers flaking, yellowing and demetallisation of the film when installed in Central Europe.


The durability of the films for interior installation is up to 15 years, depending on various factors. For outdoor installation, a durability of up to 7 years is considered realistic for the 5-year film and a durability of 10 years for the 8-year film, if the film is installed in Central Europe.

In the case of outdoor installation on sloped glazing such as skylights with a roof pitch of 25° or more, this durability is reduced accordingly due to the stronger solar radiation and the higher exposure to environmental influences. This information only applies to films sealed on the outside in the area of outdoor installation.

Erklärung von Lichttransmission, Reflexion, Absorbtion

The values of the properties were determined by the film manufacturer. They have been calculated on 3 mm glass using the appropriate methodology and are subject to variations in process conditions in industrial production. They are for estimation purposes only.

Technical dataIndoor mountingOutdoor installation
5-year film
Outdoor installation
8-year film
Material Polyester film Polyester film Polyester film
Film thickness approx. 50 µm approx. 70 µm approx. 60 µm
Adhesive Pressure sensitive adhesive system

Mounting recommendation

Based on technical data and extensive experience, we can recommend mounting on the following vertically installed glass types:

In the case of horizontal glazing or sloped glazing (skylights), it is imperative to choose external mounting. The pane should also be provided with edge glazing. For this purpose, we offer the matching neutral siliconeor as edge sealing set with joint filler. To avoid glass breakage, the entire pane must always be coated with this film; partial coatings are not permitted.

These recommendations may still result in glass breakage due to various factors at the installation site. According to our AGB, §10 paragraph 3 we do not accept any liability for this.

Answers to the most frequently asked questions...

General questions

Can I get a free foil sample?

Of course, please click on this link to access the corresponding order form. You are welcome to add to the list of items if you wish. There are no costs for you!

Will you also cut the film for me?

We cut each film to the exact millimetre according to the dimensions you enter. The cutting is free of charge. You can find detailed instructions on how to measure your panes here.

Alternatively, you can also cut your film by hand with a cutter knife. However, this requires a little manual skill, so you are usually better off using our free service.

Can you also cut a round blank or other geometry?

In general, almost all 2D shapes can be produced. Many geometries (e.g. triangles, trapezoids, circles) can be ordered directly via the online shop. To do so, please click on the orange rectangle to the right of the article image. You can then choose between many different shapes.

For shapes that are not specified, please send us a small sketch (photo) in which you specify the side lengths, radii or angles. Please contact us for this purpose.

Does the film also adhere to surfaces other than glass?

The window film adheres to all surfaces that are approximately as smooth as glass. When applying the film to plastic, please bear in mind that the adhesive may bond with the plastic, making it impossible to remove the film cleanly later.

How can I clean my window pane with the film in place?

You can keep your window pane clean as usual. The film should not be rubbed with sharp-edged objects (e.g. a brush).
You can find more information in our guide General care instructions for window films.

Can the film be removed without leaving any residue?

All window films can be removed without leaving any residue and without damaging the glass surface!
Below you will find detailed instructions on how to remove old window films.

Can you also print on films?

Unfortunately, we do not currently offer foil printing and do not have any partner companies with whom we can realise foil printing.

How to mount this film on the window...
Montagevideo starten
Installation video for window films. Click on the picture to start.

Assembly instructions for Solar control films (self-adhesive)

You will need the following items

  • Plastic bottle with spray head or with hand sprayer, adhesive tape, paper towels (not included)
  • Transfer concentrate (not included)
  • Glass cleaner (not included) or commercially available glass cleaner
  • Installation squeegee and glass scraper blade (included free of charge in the delivery).
  • Installation tips

    • Two people should carry out the installation!
    • Do not install any film at temperatures on the installation side below +6° C.
    1. Fill the spray bottle with 0.5 litres of water and add the transfer concentrate (30 ml) (enough for approx. 6 to 7 m² of glass surface).
    2. Thoroughly clean the glass with commercial or our glass cleaner!
      Remove all sticky particles (e.g. paint or fly dirt) preferably with the glass scraper blade. No dirt residues should remain on the glass!
    3. The sandblasting foil consists of the mostly white backing paper and the actual sandblasting foil.
      Now place the sandblasting foil with the view side down on the glass pane or similar. You are now looking at the back of the film.
      Then carefully and slowly peel off the backing paper at as shallow an angle as possible until it is about halfway along the entire length of the film. Cut the backing paper and stick it back onto the sandblasting film with a gap of about 2 cm to the remaining backing paper.
    4. Now hold the in place while the 2nd person starting from the corner, and at the same time spray the adhesive side of the that is now exposed with the liquid.
      Afterwards, the glass pane (surface to be pasted) must be sprayed with the liquid. Do not be sparing with the liquid, the film and pane should be well wet.
    5. Place the on the glass, the film should slide back and forth well, otherwise spray the glass again.
    6. Now spray the other side of the as well, this will make it easier for you to work with the mounting squeegee.
    7. Now press the liquid out evenly with the mounting squeegee from the centre to the right and to the left. Make sure that there is no residual water left under the film! Repeat this procedure several times to remove even invisible water residues. When doing this, wrap the supplied squeegee with a paper towel to avoid any scratches.
    8. Carefully wipe the edges and the foil with a soft cloth. If necessary, press the edges again with the mounting squeegee.
    9. Now let the dry for three days without touching it.
    10. Wait two weeks before cleaning the film for the first time and never use hard objects (brush or blade) to clean it. Commercially available glass cleaners can be used.

    FAQ`s about the installation

    Can I carry out the film installation alone?

    Films that are no larger than 1m² can be installed alone without any problems.
    For larger pieces, it is recommended that two people carry out the installation. This makes it easier to handle the film and place it on the pane.

    How can I avoid dust inclusions under the adhesive back side?

    First, clean your windows really thoroughly with glass cleaner. Then go over the entire window pane again with our supplied glass scraper blade to remove any hard-core impurities on the pane (such as fly droppings). These fine stains are often invisible to the naked eye and you will be amazed at what the blade still removes.

    In addition, do not lay the after peeling off (covers the adhesive side for transport) on the floor to get it wet. Rather, pull a table nearby to spray the film on. On the floor you will always stir up very fine dust particles, which will then settle on the adhesive side facing upwards. These dust particles can later show up on the pane under the , which is something to avoid.

    Can I apply the without transfer concentrate?

    Alternatively, you should at least use a pH-neutral cleaner. We do not recommend installation without any additive at all, which increases the gliding properties of the water!

    We strongly advise against the use of water diluted with detergent. This can lead to streaking due to a reaction with the film adhesive.

    Does the film have to be applied perfectly to the glass at the first attempt?

    No, this is not necessary as long as you have sprayed the adhesive side of the window film and your glass sufficiently wet. Due to the moisture, the adhesive has no adhesive effect, which makes it easy to move the film and position it precisely. It is even possible to remove the film from the glass again and reapply it.

    After mounting, small bubbles formed the next day

    The bubbles consist of residual liquid that was not pressed out from under the film when it was applied. Over time, these run down between the already drying film adhesive as far as they can under the film and collect in some places. The bubbles disappear by themselves when the remaining liquid diffuses through the film to the outside. Depending on the outside temperature and sunlight, this can take up to three or more weeks before the film fits like a second skin.

    In any case, you should wait this time and do nothing. In most cases, the blisters disappear all by themselves!

    How easy is it to remove the film?

    The window film itself can be easily removed. To do this, detach one corner and fold it over directly. The film can then be removed from the glass at as flat an angle as possible.

    It is possible that residues of the film adhesive remain in some places. These can be soaked with our adhesive remover or acetone and then removed again with a glass scraper or ceramic field scraper. You will find detailed instructions on how to remove window films on our homepage in the FAQ`s.
Order a product sample...

We will be happy to send you a free sample of this and up to four other films without obligation.
The samples are approx. 9 x 9 cm in size and will be sent to you free of charge and without obligation by letter post.

1. select sample (max. 5 pieces)
Solar control film, Heat reduction, silver light mirrored Solar control film, Heat reduction, silver light mirrored
Indoor assembly
Art.-Nr. 111010
Please select at least one sample!
2. Specify shipping address
Flat, floor, etc. (optional)
Here you can find our privacy policy.
Thank you very much!
We have received your foil requests.
The samples are usually sent to you within one working day.

Assembly instructions

Montagevideo starten
Installation video for window films. Click on the image to start.

Tool for easy assembly

The tool sets and accessories offered by Velken will be very useful for the success of your installation! Adhesive films, electrostatic films, decorative coatings... for each product there is the appropriate tool.

In addition to the assembly video, take a look at the detailed assembly instructions.

- 30 %
Assembly set professional
This installation set is ideal for medium-sized film installations of up to five windows with a maximum area of 2m² each . You save almost 23% with this bundle compared to the individual components.
040020 - Assembly set professional
€14.25 €9.95
Sonnenschutzfolie klar durchsichtig
  • Indoor or outdoor installation
  • self-adhesive
cooler temperature
Sun protection
Light transmission
Glare reduction
€39.90 / m²
Sonnenschutzfolie silber mittel verspiegelt
  • Indoor or outdoor installation
  • self-adhesive
cooler temperature
Sun protection
Light transmission
Glare reduction
€32.90 / m²
Sonnenschutzfolie, silber dunkel verspiegelt
  • Indoor or outdoor installation
  • self-adhesive
cooler temperature
Sun protection
Light transmission
Glare reduction
€32.90 / m²
Sonnenschutzfolie, selbsthaftend, silber hell verspiegelt
  • Indoor assembly
  • glueless
cooler temperature
Sun protection
Light transmission
Glare reduction
€31.90 / m²
Sonnenschutzfolie, selbsthaftend, silber mittel verspiegelt
  • Indoor assembly
  • glueless
cooler temperature
Sun protection
Light transmission
Glare reduction
€31.90 / m²
Sonnenschutzfolie, selbsthaftend, silber dunkel verspiegelt
  • Indoor assembly
  • glueless
cooler temperature
Sun protection
Light transmission
Glare reduction
€31.90 / m²
- 30 %
Assembly set professional
Assembly set professional
€14.25 €9.95
- 22 %
Mounting set
Mounting set
€6.35 €4.95
- 28 %
Premium mounting set
Premium mounting set
€49.15 €34.90
- 13 %
Edge sealing set
Edge sealing set
€28.80 €24.90
Undurchsichtige Farbfolie selbstklebend in großer Auswahl
Opaque colour film
€34.18 / m²
Durchsichtige Farbfolie selbstklebend
Transparent colour film
€34.18 / m²
Anti-Rutsch-Folie R11
Anti-slip film R11
€29.38 / m²
- 30 %
Assembly set professional
Assembly set professional
€14.25 €9.95
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2 month agoVerified purchase
Erste Folie

Die beiden Folien wurden zeitgerecht und gut verpackt geliefert.
Die Montage war dank der guten Anleitung und des mitbestellten Montagewerkzeug ganz einfach - ein wenig Geschick vorausgesetzt ;-)
Werde auch für die weiteren Fenster eine Folie bestellen.

3 month agoVerified purchase
Silber hell (8 Jahre) für Terassentür perfekt

Für maximalen Lichteinfall bei dennoch etwas besserem Wärmeschutz gibt es kaum eine bessere Folie.
Leicht anzubringen wenn man etwas Übung hat. Der Zuschnitt ist sehr empfehlenswert.
Wie man am Bild von außen deutlich sieht, hat die Folie einen leichten Spiegeleffekt (bei Sonne weniger als bei Regenwetter).

3 month agoVerified purchase
Fast unsichtbar

Folie kommt ordentlich verpackt an. Das Handling ist nicht ohne, vor allem bei großen Flächen. Das wäre aber bei jeder anderen Folie auch so.
Mit dem Ergebnis bin ich sehr zufrieden und es gibt einen spürbaren Effekt. Die Fliesen im Badezimmer sind viel kühler wie ohne Folie.

4 month agoVerified purchase
Zweites Fenster - Bestens gelaufen

Nachdem wir die dunkle Folie auf einem glatten Fenster im Schlafzimmer angebracht haben, war nun das Bad an der Reihe.
Die geringere Verdunklung auf einer blickgeschützten Scheibe hat auch super funktioniert.
Der Zuschnitt war wieder korrekt und die Lieferung ging wieder schnell.
Dank der Übung vom ersten Mal hat es nun noch besser funktioniert und wir sind voll zufrieden.
Man spürt die Wärmereduktion deutlich.

4 month agoVerified purchase
Top Folie

Ich bin super zufrieden mit dem Ergebnis.
Lieferung ging zügig und die Folien waren perfekt verpackt.
Das Montagevideo ist sehr empfehlenswert. Hat mir sehr weitergeholfen. Nachdem ich die Folien angebracht habe waren noch einige Wasserbläschen unter der Folie sichtbar, hiervon nicht irritieren lassen, diese sind in den nächsten Tagen vollständig herauskondensiert.

4 month agoVerified purchase

wir haben die Folien leicht an die Fenster anbringen können und sie erfüllen ihren Zweck wie versprochen. Kann man unbedingt weiterempfehlen :-)

5 month agoVerified purchase
Sehr zufrieden mit den Folien.

Die Anbringung mit dem Permium-Werkzeug war ein Selbstläufer. Das war echt nicht schwer. Ich habe nicht mit Wasser/Kontaktflüssigkeit gespart. Ich habe es komplett für die drei Fenster aufgebraucht. Anfangs war der Blick durch das Fenster schlierig. Ich hatte einige Bläschen. Diese sind nach 10-14 Tagen einfach mal komplett weggewesen und die Sicht ist nun absolut klar. Ich habe die leichteste Stufe "Hell" gekauft. Ich wollte keine zu hohe Verdunkelung haben. Im Schlafzimmer hätte ich aber "Mittel" kaufen können. Das Schlafzimmer war ein Pilotprojekt. Bei meinen Bildern sieht man, dass das rechte Arbeitszimmer noch ohne Folie ist. Nun werde ich auch die bekleben. Auf den Fotos wirkt die Verdunklung stärker, als sie real ist. Ich bin sehr zufrieden.

6 month agoVerified purchase
super Folie, einfach anzubringen

Wir haben eine Folie gesucht, die möglichst viel Sonnenschutz bei wenig Beeinträchtigung der Sicht bietet. Genau das bietet diese Folie. Das Zimmer heizt sich merklich weniger auf und sofern man nicht direkt davor oder danach durch ein unfoliertes Fenster schaut bemerkt man sie kaum.

Die Folie war exakt und sauber zugeschnitten und ordentlich verpackt. Die beiliegende Anleitung und auch das Video auf der Website erklären die wichtigen Schritte ausführlich und genau. Mit 2 Personen kriegt man die Folie dadurch perfekt ans Fenster, auch wenn man vorher noch nie solche Folien verklebt hat.

6 month agoVerified purchase

Lieferung super schnell, Zuschnitt perfekt, Anleitung sehr gut, Anbringung mit ein bisschen Fingerspitzengefühl einfach. Antiblendwirkung minimal, Sonnenschutz wie angegeben, von der Helligkeit für mich sehr gut, Spiegelwirkung könnte stärker sein.

7 month agoVerified purchase
Silber hell 8 Jahre Bürofenster

Die Folien für zwei Fenster wurden passgenau innerhalb von 4 Tagen geliefert. Eine Nachfrage per Mail wurde innerhalb eines Tages vom Service beantwortet. Die Folien waren sehr gut verpackt und auf eine Papprolle gewickelt, so dass diese unversehrt ankamen. Das Aufbringen gem. beiliegender Anweisung und dem YouTube Video von Velken war klar und verständlich beschrieben und ging ebenso einfach. Zu Zweit wirklich sehr gut zu bewältigen. Man sollte sich wirklich Zeit lassen bei der Reinigung des Fensters, umso schöner wird das Ergebnis.

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