VeFo-Flex Premium

VeFo-Flex Premium Weiß
Farbkarte VeFo-Flex Premium
VeFo-Flex Premium Auswahl dunkle Farbtöne
VeFo-Flex Premium blaue Farbtöne
VeFo-Flex Premium Herbsttöne
VeFo-Flex Premium Sommerfarben
VeFo-Flex Premium grüne Farbauswahl
VeFo-Flex Premium zum plotten eigener Schriftzüge
VeFo-Flex Premium für eigene Muster
VeFo-Flex Premium zur Textilgestaltung
VeFo-Flex Premium zum plotten eigener Muster
A4 cut Linear metre
A4 Zuschnitt ca. 30 cm ca. 20 cm

Order pre-made sheets (approx. 20 x 30 cm in size) at a favourable unit price.

Cutting possible on request
Unfortunately, your desired size cannot be ordered via the online shop. However, we can still offer you the dimensions. Please ask our customer service at


from €1.89

Price per m² from: €19.78 Price per m²: €17.80 Price per m²: €19.78 incl. VAT plus shipping costs. Item no. 643001

Delivery time approx. 1-4 days

CNC cutting accurate to the millimetre

free assembly tool

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VeFo-Flex Premium Our VeFo-Flex films are suitable for high-quality textile finishing, using...

VeFo-Flex Premium

Our VeFo-Flex films are suitable for high-quality textile finishing, using transfer presses and irons. These excellent flex films are polyurethane films with a thickness of approx. 100µm, which are suitable for your own design or upgrading of textiles made of cotton, polyester and acrylic as well as their mixed fabrics. Our VeFo-Flex films are available in many different colours and are transferred to the selected textiles by means of printing and high heat. Different colours can be processed on top of each other without any problems
, with the exception of the metallic and neon films.

All VeFo-Flex films are suitable for processing on cutting and table plotters. Both lettering and designs with small details can be produced. Due to the self-adhesive polyester film applied, positioning is possible without any problems.

All materials used in VeFo-Flex films are ecologically safe and free of PVC, plasticisers and heavy metals.
These films are certified according to OekoTex® Standard 100 Product Class 1.

The flex films are washable up to 80 °C, suitable for tumble dryers and resistant to dry cleaning. The soft, rubber-elastic transfer film has a pleasant textile feel and is very comfortable to wear; it also has excellent opacity. Nylon fabrics and fabrics with a water-repellent impregnation are not suitable for hot transfer. For this purpose, please use our textile films VeFo-Flex Nylon or VeFo-Flex Sprint.

Please note that the colour reproduction can only serve as a non-binding orientation.

Technical data and information at a glance...

Manufacturer's guarantee

Only if the specified temperature and pressure conditions of the hot transfer are adhered to, a secure and permanent anchorage of the flex film is guaranteed.
We recommend carrying out an application test on original materials. Due to the many influences resulting from the manufacture and transfer of the transfer film,
the nature of the materials as well as the washing and cleaning conditions, product liability can only apply to unprocessed materials.

Technical data
Transfer film Polyurethane, cast
Adhesive Polyurethane hot melt adhesive
Thickness in (mm) 0,10 +/- 5 %
Liner PET film, self-adhesive
Transfer conditions
Temperature 160° C
Pressure 2.5 - 3.0 bar [average pressure]
Pressure time 15sec.
Washing resistance

80° C tumble dryer and dry cleaning resistant;
Perchloroethylene (tetrachloroethene).
Turn textile inside out before washing.

Answers to the most frequently asked questions...

General questions

Can I get a free foil sample?

Of course, please click on this link to access the corresponding order form. You are welcome to add to the list of items if you wish. There are no costs for you!

Will you also cut the film for me?

We cut each film to the exact millimetre according to the dimensions you enter. The cutting is free of charge. You can find detailed instructions on how to measure your panes here.

Alternatively, you can also cut your film by hand with a cutter knife. However, this requires a little manual skill, so you are usually better off using our free service.

Can you also cut a round blank or other geometry?

In general, almost all 2D shapes can be produced. Many geometries (e.g. triangles, trapezoids, circles) can be ordered directly via the online shop. To do so, please click on the orange rectangle to the right of the article image. You can then choose between many different shapes.

For shapes that are not specified, please send us a small sketch (photo) in which you specify the side lengths, radii or angles. Please contact us for this purpose.

Does the film also adhere to surfaces other than glass?

The window film adheres to all surfaces that are approximately as smooth as glass. When applying the film to plastic, please bear in mind that the adhesive may bond with the plastic, making it impossible to remove the film cleanly later.

How can I clean my window pane with the film in place?

You can keep your window pane clean as usual. The film should not be rubbed with sharp-edged objects (e.g. a brush).
You can find more information in our guide General care instructions for window films.

Can the film be removed without leaving any residue?

All window films can be removed without leaving any residue and without damaging the glass surface!
Below you will find detailed instructions on how to remove old window films.

Can you also print on films?

Unfortunately, we do not currently offer foil printing and do not have any partner companies with whom we can realise foil printing.

Customer service

Film specialist, Dirk Bilstein - Application engineer

" I will be happy to give you expert advice on choosing the right film! "

VeFo-Flex Sprint
VeFo-Flex Sprint
€21.00 / m²
Farbkarte VeFo-Flex Premium Neon
VeFo-Flex Premium Neon
€21.00 / m²
Undurchsichtige Farbfolie selbstklebend in großer Auswahl
Opaque colour film
€34.18 / m²
Durchsichtige Farbfolie selbstklebend
Transparent colour film
€34.18 / m²
Farbkarte VeFo-Flex Nylon
VeFo-Flex Nylon
€21.98 / m²
Lichtdurchlässige Farbfolie selbstklebend
Translucent colour film
€34.18 / m²
Klebefolie matt gebürstetes Gold
Gold film, matt brushed
€23.31 / m²
- 25 %
Assembly set professional
Assembly set professional
€20.20 €14.95
- 27 %
Ein Montageset mit Sprühflasche, Filzrakel und Transferkonzentrat für perfekte Ergebnisse.
Mounting set
€12.30 €8.95
Klebefolie glänzendes Gold
Gold film, glossy
€23.22 / m²
Klebefolie Chrom
Chrome film
€23.11 / m²
Sichtschutzfolie grau matt
Privacy film, matt grey
€23.90 / m²
Undurchsichtige Farbfolie selbstklebend in großer Auswahl
Opaque colour film
€34.18 / m²
Lichtdurchlässige Farbfolie selbstklebend
Translucent colour film
€34.18 / m²
VeFo-Flex Sprint
VeFo-Flex Sprint
€21.00 / m²
Durchsichtige Farbfolie selbstklebend
Transparent colour film
€34.18 / m²
Klebefolie Chrom
Chrome film
€23.11 / m²
Tile film, ivy green
Tile film, ivy green
€32.40 / m²
Tile film, Grey marble
Tile film, Grey marble
€32.40 / m²
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Können Sie mir den Artikel auch pro Bogen auf 4 x 30 cm zuschneiden?
Richard S. am 22. December 2022
Das geht aber dadurch entstehen höhere Kosten als bei einem A4 Zuschnitt.
Velken Service-Team on 23. December 2022
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Ist die Folie auch zum schneiden mit einem Laser-Cutter geeignet?
. A. am 27. August 2023
Dafür ist sie leider nicht geeignet. Das Übertragungstape dieser Flexfolie sollte um sie auf den Stoff übertragen und aufbügeln zu können nicht durchtrennt werden.
Velken Service-Team on 28. August 2023
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