Surface protection film LDPE

  • self-adhesive
  • Indoor assembly, Outdoor installation
Oberflächenschutzfolie LDPE
Oberflächenschutzfolie LDPE zum Schutz von Treppenstufen bei der Renovierung
Oberflächenschutzfolie LDPE schützt die Tischplatte
Oberflächenschutzfolie LDPE schützt das Ceranfeld vor Farbspritzern beim Streichen


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Properties of this film
transparent, blue
Material thickness
approx. 45 µm, thin (< 60 µm)
Mounting side
Indoor assembly, Outdoor installation
Protection from
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This self-adhesive protective film offers optimum surface protection for indoor and outdoor...

This self-adhesive protective film offers optimum surface protection for indoor and outdoor applications on the basis of an environmentally friendly PE film. Areas of application include masking windows, glass doors, mirrors, glass surfaces and slightly structured surfaces (wood, ceramics, marble). The glass protection film reliably protects against dirt, dust and paint. It is also recommended for protection during painting, plastering and facade work.

Film width: 50 / 100 cm
Film length: 100 m
Available colours: translucent blue, translucent green and transparent


Please note that this LDPE protective film should not be applied for longer than two weeks, as otherwise it will not be visible after unmasking on critical substrates such as zinc, copper, nitro lacquer surfaces, anodised sheet metal, stainless steel, PVC surfaces with age-related signs of wear and defects, untreated and coated wood substrates as well as natural stone (e.g. marble, granite, etc.).natural stone (e.g. marble, granite, basalt) and other plastics, surface matting, shadowing, cracking of the surface sealing and adhesive residues may occur due to the basic application and/or an excessively long dwell time.

Given the variety and number of surfaces to be protected, processing methods and conditions, we recommend carrying out your own qualified test before use. This test application (we recommend at least 72 hours) strengthens the security for unmasking without adhesive residues. PE films are only partially resistant to UV radiation.

Technical data and information at a glance...
Technical data
Material Polyethylene
Film thickness approx. 45 µm
Adhesive Acrylic adhesive
Colours blue + green translucent, transparent
Adhesive strength on steel 1,4N/cm +/- 0,2 N/cm
Working temperature + 8° C to ~ +40° C
Environmental compatibility 100% recyclable
Substrate condition free of grease, oil, dust, moisture
and other contaminants
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