Scratch protection film, clear transparent for touchscreens

  • self-adhesive
  • Indoor assembly
Scratch protection film, clear transparent for touchscreens
Scratch protection film, clear transparent for touchscreens
Scratch protection film, clear transparent for touchscreens
Geometry Linear metre
Pentagon with slope
Rectangle with bevel
Rectangle with two slopes
symmetric trapezoid
right triangle
symmetrical triangle
Gable window
Rectangle with segmental arch
Rectangle with basket arch
Rectangle with semicircle
Quarter circle
Circle section
Oval / Ellipse
Available in the dimensions:
min. 5,0 x 5,0 cm
max. 123 x 2.000,0 cm
Width [cm]
Height [cm]
Cutting possible on request
Unfortunately, your desired size cannot be ordered via the online shop. However, we can still offer you the dimensions. Please ask our customer service at
from €2.20

Price per m² from: €69.90 Price per m²: €62.91 Price per m²: €69.90 incl. VAT plus shipping costs. Item no. 593010

Order accessories directly

This mounting squeegee with soft felt edge is ideally suited for scratch-sensitive film surfaces such as sun protection, safety and protective films.

Mounting squeegee with felt edge

A wonderful cleaning cloth for surfaces of all kinds! Moisture is absorbed quickly and well.

Microfibre universal cloth

The ideal care cloth for drying and polishing our films and additionally many other types of glass such as panes, mirrors and much more!

Foil polishing cloth

This glass cleaner with anti-soiling effect removes even coarse soiling in no time. The spray bottle makes application easy and clean.

Surface & Glass Cleaner 500 ml

Delivery time approx. 2-4 days

CNC cutting accurate to the millimetre

free assembly tool

Properties of this film
Temperature resistant
-10°C to +50°C
Material thickness
approx. 125 µm
Mounting side
Indoor assembly
Protection from
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Scratch protection film clear transparent for displays and touchscreens The self-adhesive...

Scratch protection film clear transparent for displays and touchscreens

The self-adhesive scratch protection film for displays and touchscreens offers reliable protection for your valuable devices without affecting the clarity and brilliance of your screen. With its clear, translucent look, the original colour fidelity and sharpness of your display is preserved.

This high-quality film is specially designed to repel scratches, scuffs and fingerprints and preserve the appearance of your device. The precise fit and self-adhesive backing make the film easy to apply without bubbles. Once in place, it stays securely and firmly in place without affecting the display.

The transparent nature of the film ensures a clear view and enables optimal operation of your touchscreen. You retain full control over gestures, swipes and touches, while your devices are protected from scratches and other damage. In addition to protecting against scratches, the film is also resistant to fingerprints, dirt and oils. It is effortless to clean by simply using a soft cloth to wipe the surface. This keeps your display clean and free from blemishes at all times.

The self-adhesive scratch protection film for displays and touchscreens is the ideal choice to extend the life of your devices and provide them with long-lasting protection. It allows you to continue to enjoy a clear and unclouded display while operating your device.

Keep your display in perfect condition by using the self-adhesive scratch protection film. Protect your screen from scratches, fingerprints and other damage while maintaining original quality and clarity. Easy to apply and highly effective, this film is an essential accessory for all devices with displays and touchscreens.

Applicable in many areas

This film protects touchscreens of modern devices that are controlled by touch. Such as smartphones, mobile phones, tablet computers, monitors, digital cameras and navigation systems in cars. The anti-scratch film is hard-coated and offers optimal transparency and scratch resistance with good chemical resistance.

The product uses a silicone adhesive layer that allows for easy and bubble-free installation. This technology allows the film to be repositioned and leaves no residue after removal! The film can simply be lifted at one corner and removed again.

Advantages of this anti-reflective film in summary

  • Reduction of reflections
  • Multitouch optimised
  • Anti fingerprint
  • Protects against mechanical damage
  • Easy cleaning
  • Easy to install
  • No residue after removal

We recommend applying a sample before purchase to test the touch capability. The film sample will be sent by us free of charge.
The product image may differ from the original and serves only as a non-binding preview.

Attention for Elo touch monitors
The touch capability of Elo touch monitors with IntelliTouch® technology may no longer be available after applying the film.

Included in delivery

  • Detailed installation instructions

The scope of delivery does not include any offcuts or the mounting squeegee with felt edge, art. no. 010150. Please order these at the same time.

Technical data and information at a glance...
Technical data
Material PET
Film thickness approx. 125 µm
Hard coating Yes
Adhesive Silicone Adhesive layer
Adhesive force 0,02 N/25mm
Antibacterial no
Haze 11,9%
Light transmission 90.5%
How to mount this film on the window...

Assembly instructions for anti-reflective film

You will need the following

Installation tips

  • For foils over 1m², you should install two people!
  • Do not mount a film at temperatures below +6°C on the mounting side. C.

step by step instructions

  1. Clean the surface thoroughly with commercially available surface cleaners or, in the case of glass, our glass cleaner!
    It is best to remove all sticking particles (e.g. paint or fly droppings) with the glass scraper blade (only on glass). There must be no dirt residue left on the surface!
  2. Remove protective film from a window film Separate the carrier film from the anti-reflective film using adhesive strips, which you stick to a corner on the front and back of the film and pull apart. Normally, the carrier film gets stuck on one adhesive strip and the actual anti-reflective film.

    The carrier film is transparent, very thin and really there.
  3. Now hold the anti-reflective film while the second person pulls off the backing film a little, starting from the corner and at the same time making sure that the anti-reflective film does not stick together.
  4. Place the anti-reflective film on the surface, starting at one edge, with the 2nd person holding the remaining part of the anti-reflective film away from the glass.
  5. Now start pressing the anti-reflective film very lightly with the mounting squeegee while the second person continues to hold the remaining part of the anti-reflective film away from the surface. If you need to realign the film on the surface, simply peel it off again and repeat the installation process.
  6. Once you have started, pull off the backing film a further piece and press the anti-reflective film back on with the mounting squeegee. Make sure that air bubbles are removed directly with the mounting squeegee.
    Repeat this process until the entire film has been applied.
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The samples are approx. 9 x 9 cm in size and will be sent to you free of charge and without obligation by letter post.

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Scratch protection film, clear transparent for touchscreens Scratch protection film, clear transparent for touchscreens
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Ein Montageset mit Sprühflasche, Filzrakel und Transferkonzentrat für perfekte Ergebnisse.
Mounting set
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Assembly set professional
Assembly set professional
€20.20 €14.95
Undurchsichtige Farbfolie selbstklebend in großer Auswahl
Opaque colour film
€34.18 / m²
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